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“MY REGULARS WERE MANY AND ALL HAD BIG COCKS” - Original erotic gay story by Phil Oropesa

After a while, I realized that I had more “regular” tricks than I could actually handle.


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.

By Phil Oropesa

When your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you have far more than you can eat, whenever you bite more than you can possibly chew...that was the case with me when one Saturday I came to the realization that I had far too many “regulars” and none were husband material.

That day, just before I was diagnosed positive, I had four tricks lined up, I spaced their visits two hours apart, two in the afternoon and two in the early evening.

Many of my regulars were in and out blow jobs. Most were the ones I acquired during the building of the parking garage next to the museum...all were hot, young construction workers...none of them smart or particularly interesting other than their nice young bodies and big cocks. Others were pick ups from the park by the river.

Then there was the electric company meter guy, he kept coming back almost every Friday night. Cal, the mature gentleman raising two teenagers got a chance to stop by on the weekends. 

Then there was Diego and Lupito, the laborers I hired outside Home Depot, they came separate and sometimes together for a fabulous three way.

My sex life was
awesome, but my love life left a lot to be desired.

I was being a perfect slut, don't regret that part since I was getting more sex in a weekend more than any normal, red blooded fag would get in a month. I am not complaining, but there is the reality that you get tired of servicing guys with no prospect of intimacy, your ass gets sore after a couple of fucks from guys with humongous dicks like Diego and Lupito. I would even bleed at times because these guys were downright rough, their fucking was so intense and their sexual appetite so large that I would get fucked three or four times in one night by either one of those two. It was downright brutal fucking.

Then the unexpected happened. I was driving my car on the I-94 just approaching Exit 194 to Monticello, when lights came on and the car just died while still in motion. I had a hell of a time pulling over since nothing worked but I finally managed to park it away from the heavy traffic.

Within minutes, there was this super cute Highway Patrol guy who stopped when he saw the hood of the car open.

The cop approached the car slowly, looked at my pathetic expression, then looked inside the car for something unusual like weapons or drugs...but then he looked down at my crotch, and just stood there staring at it, much longer than is expected, then he licked his lips.

I think the patrol man was about ready to make me an indecent proposal when a car zooming went by speeding like a mother fucker...my cop ran to the patrol car and went on pursuit.

He had asked me what the matter was and promised to send a tow truck as he was running to his patrol car.

Ten, twenty, thirty minutes went by and no tow truck. Finally one came and he towed my car to a nearby repair shop in Monticello. When we got there, the mechanic told me that he was way past his quitting time and about to close the shop. He didn't have time to even look at it. He suggested I leave it overnight and he'd look at it in the morning.

It was as if a cold bucket of water had been poured over my head. There I was in Monticello, with no way of getting back to Minneapolis. So I asked the mechanic if there was a way he could drop me off at the bus station.

He said he could and as he said this he grabbed his crotch. I didn't know if that was significant, but it got me thinking. He was young, good looking and seemed to have a nice body. I questioned if he could be had or if he was actually expecting some sexual favor for giving me a ride.

He closed the shop and we got in the car. He said his name was George and I noticed the grease and dirt embedded in his fingernails. The macho smell mixed with gasoline was more than I could handle.

“Hey Phil, the bus is not going to come along for a couple of hours, would you like to have a brew in the meantime?” He asked as it was obvious he had busted me looking at him.

Things were looking up, now I was faced with the challenge of getting into those grease stained mechanic's pants and lick the sweaty, stinky balls and maybe get some mechanic man juice in my mouth.

It wasn't as if he had asked me to some bar to have a couple of beers, he knew all along where he was going with this. We stopped at a convenience store, picked up a couple of six packs and returned to the auto shop.

It was getting dark by now and he opened the office door, went straight to the television and put on some straight porn. He immediately began to unbuton his shirt and his pants and pulled out a very impressive cut dick.

Well, I'll be dipped! I didn't have to seduce him, he was making all the advances. He was standing in front of the television, playing with himself and turned around to show me. He then said: “You want it? I'm super horny”

I just couldn't believe my luck and the chain of events. I went down on the guy, inserted that big cock in my mouth and got it all the way down my throat, where the pubes were tickling my nose and the macho aroma was tickling my gonads.

He fell back on the couch and began to enjoy thoroughly me servicing him. But I think he had bigger and better things in mind when he sat up, pushed my head away and bent over to reach my ass.
He began to finger fuck me and his mouth was open, just salivating and wetting his fingers periodically. Eventually he had inserted all five fingers and then made me sit on his cock.
George started to pump in and out of my ass hard and furious, fast and massaging my prostate to the point that after a couple of minutes of that I began to ejaculate without touching myself. When George saw that, he increased the pace even more and I could tell he was about to blow. The impending orgasm, had him twitching and doing spasmodic movement, totally out of control, while you could only see the white of his eyes as they had rolled into the back of the orbits.

“Ah, ah, ah, fuck, ah, ah, mother fucker, you're milking my dick, you keep that up and I'm gonna give you my babies, ah, shit, ah, ah, here it goes....aaaaaaah, aaaaaah. As he now stopped pumping and I could feel each and every pulsation as the streams of cum were being deposited in my boy pussy.

After it was over, we just stayed there motionless and the cum was just oozing out of my ass and on to his groin. It took him a good five minutes to get back to reality.

That's when he offered to drive me home all the way to Minneapolis and I accepted. When we got to my house, he said he had to hurry back to Monticello, but he wanted my phone number...he wanted to come over on Sunday and spend a sex filled afternoon. I of course gave it to him.

That Sunday, I was right in the middle of sucking one of my garage construction guys when he called...he said he was a couple of blocks away. I stopped the sucking and when he came to the door, I told him that I was in the middle of having sex, to come in, he could watch or he could join.

That is when it all dawned on me that I had far too many “regulars” and had to do something about it.

The situation didn't turn all that bad...it wasn't a three way, but they did take turns fucking my ass and eventually it became a double decker. After it was all over, I started to avoid answering the phone and cutting down on my habitual “regulars”



How many times have I heard “he's just my friend, but we fool around, or we share an apartment (and fuck each other's brains out). Face it dudes, you're not just friends...you are LOVERS!


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.

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