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"SUBSTITUTE - NOT THE REAL THING" - Original erotic gay story by Kevin McLean

A substitute could piss you off


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.  Thanks.

By Kevin McLean
Imagine your expectations of a truly exciting sexual experience all go up in smoke. Imagine being picked up by this gorgeous dude, a real stud, a very masculine and assertive stud and go to bed with him only to find out that you are a pussy substitute. 
This guy was incredibly masculine. His body was perfect, the muscles, the firmness and the symmetry just screamed at you to worship it. His face was pretty but made so much more attractive by the 3 or 4 day old growth. You knew that wherever he placed his face on your body it was going to scratch and turn you on.

So he started to talk to me and eventually came on so strong that I could not say no. I went home with him and he was making love to me like I was a woman. That was my first clue. He had his eyes closed the whole time and he kept reaching for my pecs. I guess that my pecs are well developed enough that if you had a vivid imagination you could make believe they were tits.

Then he put me on all four and approached me from behind, never making a penetration but just rubbing his cock against my pucker hole. I was getting so hot and turned on that I almost told him to go ahead and put it in. But I didn’t have time. He reached into a drawer in the night stand and brought out this contraption that resembled a woman’s pussy. He had me lay on my back and placed it on top of my genitals and he just laid on top and inserted his penis in it.


He was having a grand old time with the make believe pussy. But I was getting absolutely nothing out of it. Yes, I could have some visual stimulation and looking at him working that hard towards an orgasm was kind of a turn on. Smelling his macho scent as he worked himself up into full perspiration was not bad either. He had the hairy armpits and when he started to get close to shooting his wad, the audio was fantastic as well. But that was about it. There was nothing in it for me. I was not even able to catch his ejaculation as he wasted it inside the stupid fake cunt.

I tell you that I left his place ten times more frustrated than if I had been forced to jerk off and that is exactly what I had to do once I got back to my dorm. Never did I want to get fucked by a stud as bad as I wanted this one and didn’t even get to suck his dick.

I had a similar experience a few months later but this one at least I got to suck his dick. He was totally unresponsive to my sucking and eventually he used a “fleshlight” placed between my thighs and he was wearing a condom. He shot his wad and it was plentiful. I was able to take the rubber off and drink the contents of it so that the ordeal was not a total loss; which by the way, totally grossed him out.
I had also some that didn’t kiss, didn’t embrace me, they showed absolutely no signs of affection or tenderness. It wasn’t love making, it was pure unadulterated sexual release for them, a physiological function like taking a dump or a piss. The good ones would fuck my ass and I suppose they imagined they were fucking a woman. I did get quite a bit of satisfaction out of getting fucked and having my pucker hole filled with man juice.

But those who did that kind of thing were forcing me to compromise my dignity. They were hurling insults and directing very insulting terms while fucking me: “you like that big cock in your pussy, don’t you faggot?” or: “You fucking dirty whore, you like that big cock up your ass, don’t you? You want that cum in your hole don’t you pussy boy?”

But at the end, if you really analyze it I was the one who got the best of the deal. While they did get a lot of pleasure out of the sex and some ego boosting, I got their man essence either in my mouth or in my pucker hole. They kept on thinking they were “straight” and were doing that only because there was no female around; but make no mistake about it, they were just as queer as I was, only their sexual preference was a little different. In other words: if you have sex with another man, if you are doing it either for money or out of necessity in my book you are just as gay as I am.



Not only are wet guys hot, but they stir that yen for wet sex.


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.