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The repercussions of the mid-term elections are already being felt.

In the noise chamber that is Fox News and all the right-wing pundits, the expectation is that President Obama ought to capitulate, the consensus is that he should resign. They even had the gall to sue him.

Those who do not reflect that sentiment, are suggesting that the President just signs all legislation coming from both houses, in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation. WTF?

In the last six years, Republicans have done nothing resembling compromise, they have blocked, delayed, opposed and sabotaged any of the President's efforts to pass meaningful progressive legislation. And make no mistake about it...what compromise means to Republicans is we give up everything, they get all they want.

Sadly, some democrats wanted to divorce themselves from the President, they didn't even want to be seen with him, they kept saying “Obama is not running, I am” and they lost. Had they stood their ground, had they proudly carried the progressive liberal banner, the story would have been so much different.

Yet, even now, after the humiliating defeat, after six years of senseless opposition, some democrats are saying that perhaps the President and the Democratic Party should sway to the right, to capitulate on issues. Can you say “DINO”? (democrat in name only)

When you think about it, you ask yourself: Can we allow to end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, equal pay and women's rights, gay rights, labor rights, immigration reforn and a host of other issues? Are we going to see the Congress and Senate vote for the 100th time to end Obamacare, to sit idly while they try to impeach the President, to humiliate him, to pass bills that contain all that hurts America and Americans?

I say to you, there is no fucking way that the American people will go for that kind of shit. They may have been misguided, misinformed, did not vote or simply don't give a shit...but one thing is for sure, when it comes right down to it, who really won this election was the Koch brothers and a handful of billionaires, corporations that don't even have their headquarters in America and the fucking right wing Evangelical-religious fanatics.

Just because these rich folks had money coming out of their asses and used it to buy politicians, who in turn did all the gerrymandering, voter suppression, negative advertising and put out lies in ads financed by these rich people, given to candidates and their party anonymously, are we going to call that democratic?

I suggest that the President vetoes each and every bill that comes across his desk. Maybe then the Republicans will have to take some of their own bitter horse-pill and realize that what they have done is not just unethical, it is downright unpatriotic, even bordering on treason.

And the President should give a press conference as he is stamping his veto on their bill, and say: Yes, we want the minimum wage raised, but Republicans attached this clause that undermines Medicare...or, Sure, we want to fix our immigration problem, but I can't sign a bill that raises the retirement age to 70, or even, “the Republicans just sent me a legislation that funds women's health clinics, but it contains a clause that declares the only marriage is that between a man and a woman and all same sex marriages already performed will be voided by this law”

Yes, treason, because if you hurt the very people who elected you to represent them over some askew ideology, then you are a traitor, you're the one who should be impeached for dereliction of duty, for acting shitty only because you want to make the President look bad...why do you want to do that? Oh, yes, how can we forget...because you are a fucking racist!

Seriously folks, shouldn't the Kochs and those billionaires invest in renewable energy like wind and solar, get in on the ground floor, make a profit, do the right thing for the environment and what's ethical, instead of spending obscene amounts of money to buy elections?

It baffles me to think that for the next two years and possibly four more, we are going to be governed by people who believe the world is 6,000 years old, they believe that the world is coming to an end the day after tomorrow, they loath science and believe climate change is a hoax. Furthermore, they think that government is the problem and ought to be done away with it.

My question is this, if the world is coming to an end so soon, why do we bother to educate our children, build roads and bridges? If these right wing crackpots don't believe in government at all, as in anarchy...why do they seek public office?

And I ask once again, do we want to live under a plutocratic, racist theocracy?


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This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.